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How do I access my legal documents in Family Law Proceedings?

Whether you are represented by a solicitor or self-represented, you can have access to any documents that have been filed in relation to your Family Law Proceedings via Commonwealth Court Portals.

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is an initiative of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia that allows individuals to access their legal documents. The portal provides in a simple way which proceedings you are involved in, filed legal documents and parties’ information.

Accessing Commonwealth Court Portal

1. Step One: Register

First, you need to register at

2. Step Two: Request Access

After registering the homepage will display options for file access on the right-hand side. Select 'Request access to your file' and enter your Client ID and file number.

File number may look like the follow:

· MLC____

· DGC____

If you do not know your Client ID call 1300 352 000 or email your full name, other parties name, date of birth and address to

Viewing your files

Now you can have access to your files. For a more detailed explanation of how to navigate through your files please find the following link: .

This link will help detail how to do the following:

· Looking for files

· Finding and deleting a partly completed application

· Finding a completed application

· Court Diary

· Electing to receive email notification for any open applications

· Looking up court events

· Looking up eFiled documents

· Viewing and downloading orders

· Looking up information about subpoena items

· Filing supplementary documents

· After you have filed a supplementary document

Contact us

At Brendan Rothschild Legal Group, we encourage you to be aware of Court systems and have access to all your documents so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of your legal matter and not be left in the dark with what is going on in your case. We can help you draft and file your relevant legal documents for your Family Law Proceedings.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. If you require legal advice, please feel free to arrange an obligation-free 30-minute consultation at no cost, by contacting our office on:

(03) 9005 8284

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