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When parties separate they are understandably uncertain as to their entitlements. 

We provide our clients with clear, written advice as to their entitlements taking into account all relevant factors. We provide this advice to our clients so that they understand their position in a clear format. 

We are told by our clients that solicitors often do not provide them with written legal advice in relation to their entitlements, and accordingly they do not know what instructions to provide their lawyers in attempting to resolve their family law matrimonial divisions. 

In order to avoid this issue and give our clients advice, we give our clients this advice in writing. 

The breakdown of a familial relationship is difficult to navigate, especially when property is also involved. There are various avenues to working out property settlements and division of assets: 

  • Agreement of property division and the formalising of this agreement through a Binding Financial Agreement; or

  • Agreement of property division through consent orders; or

  • Applications to the Court seeking property orders. 

We can offer advice before separation, if you are intending to seperate, as well as after separation. To best protect your assets, it is best to seek legal assistance as soon as possible, and we are here to assist in this process. 

In person or Online

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