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Resolving Matrimonial Property Matters

In Australia there are two ways to end a relationship in a financial sense.

These two ways of ending a relationship in a financial sense and no longer

having entitlements to each other’s assets and liabilities are either by

entering into a contract (Binding Financial Agreement) or by court orders.

In Australia, when you enter into a relationship and

that relationship extends for longer than approximately 5 years, each

party has an entitlement to each other’s assets and liabilities until at least

2 years after their separation date (in circumstances in de facto

relationship), or 1 year after divorce (in circumstances of divorce).

In some circumstances you are allowed to make a claim on your ex-

partner/ spouses assets/liabilities provided that there is an appropriate

excuse for not making an application earlier, as per S 44(6) of the

Family Law Act 1975.

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